Character Education

Character Education For All Ages

Character Education in Catawba County is extremely important to the success of our students and our future workforce.  The purpose of K-64 is to find the great things that are working and make them systematic and accessible for all.  I found the below...

Why Social and Emotional Learning and Employability Skills Should Be Prioritized in Education

U.S. competitiveness in the global economy depends on a workforce that has acquired both the technical knowledge needed for specific occupations and the “employability skills” required for all jobs.

What Works in Character Education

Educators face quandaries when considering how to implement character education in their classrooms, schools, and districts.

Character Education

A 2005 white paper titled “What Works in Character Education” highlights the importance of implementing a character education program within the K-12 environment. Over 2000 years ago Aristotle noted, “All adults involved with children either help or thwart children’s growth and development, whether we like it, intend it or not.”  Today, social and “soft” skills are key components of character development that directly tie to employability.  From an economic development standpoint, we cannot ignore character in our quest to develop our future workforce.
K-64 seeks to establish a systematic approach to community-wide character development that will enhance and complement the many hard skills that our students possess.  The workplace has evolved an interpersonal dynamic that can’t be ignored. The acts of listening, presenting ideas, resolving conflict, and fostering an open and honest work environment all come down to knowing how to build and maintain relationships with people. It’s those relationships that allow people to participate fully in team projects, show appreciation for others, and enlist support for their projects.
To learn more about what works with character education, please take a moment to review the referenced white paper.